07/2019 Unser Dokumentarfilm ALPGEISTER ist auf Kinotour in Bayern und freut sich über zahlreiche Zuschauer.
UPDATE: Ab 31. Oktober bundesweit in den Kinos!

07/2019 Our documentary film ALPGEISTER is touring through Bavarian cinemas.
UPDATE: From Oct 31st it will run in cinemas all over Germany.
To easily find a show:

07/2019 Endlich sind wir mit unserem Dokumentarfilm JOURNEY TO CURE wieder im Schneideraum. Mit meiner Editorin Lisa Friedhofen im neuen Büro in Kreuzberg. Für mehr Infos:

07/2019 Finally we are back in the editing room with our film JOURNEY TO CURE. Now with editor Lisa Friedhofen in the new office in Kreuzberg. For more info:


Already early in my life I had the urge to spend my time with visual arts. Therefore I moved from my birthplace, the Allgäu, to Munich to attend a school for art and design. This led me to photography. Playing with light and framing.
Soon the day came on which I spent four hours sitting in the Arri cinema in Munich watching “Once upon a time in America”. When I came out of this amazing film, I knew what I wanted to be involved in. Bringing emotions through the lens onto the screen. Creating magic. Filmmaking.